Muc-off Motorcycle Mo-94 Penetrant Lube Spray

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Using Muc-Off's State-Of-The-Art Nano Tech Formula, Muc-Off Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner Cuts Through Grime Quicker Than You Can Say Omg Regardless Of The Weather Or Riding Conditions.This Classic Pink Bike Cleaner Has Incredible Cleaning Power Because It Contains Muc-Off's Revolutionary Nano Technology That Breaks Down Dirt And Grime On Microscopic Levels, While Also Caring For Your Motorbikes Delicate Finish. Because We Use The Finest Ingredients And Surfactants, Muc-Off's Muc-Off Formula Is A Closely Guarded Trade Secret. &Nbsp; Its The Most Effective Cleaner Out There, And It Doesn't Even Need Any Of Those Nasty, Dangerous Acids Or Chemicals. In Fact, Muc-Off's Perfectly Pink Cleaner Is Biodegradable, Free From Acids, Cfcs And Solvents, And Its Alkaline Based So You Can Clean Away With A Guilt-Free Conscience. Its Safe On All Surfaces, And Its Even Disc Brake Rotor And Pad Friendly. &Nbsp; Safe On All Parts And Surfaces Including Carbon Fibre Will Not Harm Seals, Cables, Brake Pads Or Rotors Safe On Anodised Metal Alkaline Based And Free From Cfcs, Solvents Or Acids Nano Tech Formula Cleans On A Molecular Level Biodegradable &Nbsp; Step 1 - Rinse Motorbike Thoroughly Before Applying Nano Tech Motorcycle Cleaner. Step 2 - Spray Nano Tech Bike Cleaner Onto The Entire Motorbike Including Components And Leave For 3-5 Minutes. Step 3 - Agitate Any Stubborn Grime With A Brush Or Sponge. Step 4 - Rinse Entire Bike Thoroughly With Fresh, Clean Water.
  • Muc-Off Motorcycle Mo-94 Penetrant Lube Spray 400Ml

    Muc-Off's Multi-Purpose Wonder Spray That Was Built For Bikes, Not Bolts!

    Looking For An All Round Wonder Spray? Look No Further! Muc-Off Mo-94 Covers All The Bases With Its Incredible Ptfe Formula To Quickly And Effectively Penetrate Moisture, Lubricate Moving Parts And Leave A Long Lasting Protective Film
  • Mo-94 Prevents Dirt Adhesion And Also Drives Out Excess Water To Keep Rust And Corrosion At Bay
  • Mo-94 Isn't Just For Bikes, Motorcycles Or Cars
  • Nope
  • It Works On Just About Anything
  • Whether You'Ve Got A Squeaky Door Hinge, A Rusty Lock Or A Bolt That You Just Can't Turn, Mo-94 Is All You Need
  • *Just Remember Not To Apply Mo-94 To Your Bike's Tyre Treads And Braking Surfaces! Free's Seized Parts Disperses Moisture To Prevent Rust And Corrosion Provides Light Lubrication For Moving Parts Reduces Metal To Metal Contact Prevents Dirt Adhesion Cuts Down On Friction To Improve Component Efficiency Step 1 - Spray On Desired Area For Treatment
  • Step 2 - Allow Area To Dry
  • For Best Results And To Ensure The Protective Ptfe Film Remains In Place, Do Not Wipe Area After Application Or Treatment
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