Motorex KTM Off Road claim all classes and top 3 outright

The KTM winning team

The KTM winning team

The Motorex KTM off-road team has made Australian Off-road racing history by winning the E1, E2 and E3 class titles, as well as the outright 2010 AORC championship. Toby Price took both the outright AORC and E2 championship, while team mates Jarrod Bewley and Ben Grabham wrapped up the E1 and E3 class championships respectively.

On the Saturday of the final two rounds, Price the dominator wrapped up his second consecutive AORC title with one round to spare. “ I really only needed to take it easy today to finish clean and win the championship, but I’m not interested in finishing anything less than first place now”

Price started the day on his 450 EXC a little slower than usual, as team mate Jarrod Bewley was leading outright on his 250 EXC-F. After a few minor jetting adjustments to his bike, Price charged his way through the deteriorating course to take the lead from Bewley.

The conditions were a fitting end to the AORC championship, throwing everything possible to challenge riders speed and strength on the machine. The two test loops were a concoction of bar-scraping ruts switching-back through clustered trees, to faster whooped-out single lines weaving through the native QLD forest. All of which were littered with sections of granite rock and wheel-deflecting tree roots. Riders of all classes and calibre were rating the QLD round as one of the most challenging events this season, demanding every ounce of stamina and concentration possible.

The battle for 2nd and 3rd outright in the championship was coming down to a nail biter finish with Bewley holding down the number 2 spot, leaving Grabham to hold off Stefan Merriman for third. “It was tough trying to wrestle the big 530 EXC through this course today and it started to show in my first few tests. I dropped down to about 6th outright, then made some changes to the front end and climbed my way back to 4th outright for the finish of the day” Announced Grabham, who then entered the final round with a 5-point buffer over Merriman, but overnight torrential rain saw the already flogged-out course be converted into a soupy bog.

Motorex KTM Off-Road team manager Brad Williscroft, applied a little extra pressure on Grabham for the final round, in hope he’d stay within Merriman’s pace and retain the final step on the podium for a 1st 2nd and 3rd outright trifecta for KTM.

“It all comes down to this last round for us today to claim the top three outright positions on top of our three class wins. I’ve had a little chat with Ben and believe with his strength and experience he will place high enough in these conditions to retain enough points for 3rd outright in the championship”

In a final battle for the outright podium, the top 4 contenders were pushing through the extreme conditions in what spectators were calling the most amazing display of off-road riding seen in Australia. While Stefan Merriman was on a mission to win the final round in the sketchy conditions, KTM’s number one rider Toby Price, could not be matched for outright speed and took yet another win. Merriman finished ahead of Bewley to take second outright for the day, while Grabham soldiered through to take 4th outright on the final day, securing a one point advantage over Merriman for third outright in the 2010 championship.

The Motorex KTM off-road team represent the first manufacturer whose riders won the E1, E2 and E3 class and take the top three outright positions for the championship.

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